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The New Atheist group and movement have certain men at the core. These men are the authors of the books that inspire this irrational movement. Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, Christopher Hitchens, and Richard Dawkins have become the authors of disobedience. They lead people down the blind path of unsurety, and in the process their writings have become holy text for their followers.

Jesus said “Can the blind lead the blind? Will they not both fall into the ditch?” (Lk. 6:39b). They all claim to be free thinkers, yet when someone challenges their logic they refuse to think. Rather, they revert back to their original defense that they are more evolved and more intelligent than you are. So with this mentality that their intelligence is the standard for all to reason with, this is their claim: that we humans don’t need God or a holy text to tell us, and/or teach us, what morality is. Yet they write their own text which tells people what to think.

How hypocritical can any author of a book that promotes atheism be? Can you see that they say “don’t go to the Bible, it’s not truth”, but they want you to go to their book to see goodness? The New Atheist movement rejects the God of the Bible, and has declared war upon God. Richard Dawkins rejects the idea that morality comes from God, and claims that you should discount the book of Leviticus and others because all “enlightened moderns” have done so.

So to his point, if you do not reject the God of the Bible and/or His inspired books, you’re unintelligent and less evolved. To claim that morality does not come from God, you have to have more than assumptions. Dawkins said “If you want to believe in god, don’t look to arguments from biologists and scientists. You won’t find answers to god in science”.

If these men want to argue that morality does not come from God, then their field of study should be theology and not science or biology. If answers to God and/or morality cannot be found in their respective fields of study, then why listen to them? They have no authority on this matter, nor are they an authority on the matter.

Dawkins has also said “We are the 21st century moralists and atheists. We don’t need to get morals from our religions. We are getting morals from secular moral philosophy, secular jurisprudence, and dinner table conversation”. By religions, he means any persons who follow a holy text such as Christians, Jews, etc. Dawkins claims that 21st century moralists and atheists get their morals from secular moral philosophy. What is secular moral philosophy, and is it capable of giving man morals?