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Before we discuss the idea of the New Atheist in that men don’t need God for morality, let us point out the underlying problem with this movement. The majority of Atheists want you to believe that we evolved from the big bang after which life was created from non-life. They say that life in the world was set in motion to make itself better and more advanced with every passing year. This is how they come up with the conclusion that we are just robots or machines that are doing what our DNA is telling us to do, even against our own will, because survival is the number one priority for any gene.

Here’s the problem with that. If, indeed, men’s DNA was set in motion to better itself in the survival of the fittest, then your DNA would never have you waste time on non-physical things such as assumptions, theories, and fantasies. Your DNA would only let you focus on the empirical things of this world, and not something that is non-existent. Therefore, the very idea of a human that has evolved wasting his or her time on debating the existence of God or the origin of morality shows that those of this ideology have free will to contradict their DNA.

You see, if their philosophical scientific assumption was right in stating that evolution is more than a theory, then by the very basis of their belief, their DNA would have prohibited them from arguing their point. Instead, they would just let the lesser evolved people fall behind, as they themselves would be set on the improvement and advancement of their own DNA. On this point alone it is clear to see that the Atheist and Antitheist who fight against the God of heaven have contradicted themselves. For they indeed have free will as the Bible proclaims: “A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps” (Prov 16:9). “If anyone wills to do His will” (Jn 7:17a).

The point to be made here is this: no one should take this New Atheist movement seriously because it is founded on assumptions, theories, changing terms, self-righteousness, and false truths. When a man’s truths are built from assumptions, they contradict the law of rationality. When a man’s theories contradict themselves, they have proven themselves as fallacies. The people who live by this ideology have no standard but their own, thus they have no objective standard. This would make them unable to determine morality because, by their standards, there is no standard; there would only be the moral compass of the individual.

This being the case, it is every man for himself and to every man whatever feels right. To live and think like this would bring chaos to any society. Consider this: if man is the only standard for right and wrong, then anything goes because all men are equal and one man’s ethic is just as good as another. In order to have a standard of right and wrong, there must be something higher than man to establish that standard. God is that higher authority. The fact is that the proponents of this movement have free will, and with it they attack the God who has given it to them.

To be continued next week.