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The New Age movement is a melting pot, or merging, of Eastern and Western theology without having to compromise one’s Western roots. This movement was once in great demand, and was propagated through celebrities and media outlets. The goal here is to reach a higher consciousness (Age of Aquarius) in which they obtain an out-of-body experience (radical change of consciousness). New Age practitioners will go to great lengths to achieve this goal including, but is not limited to, psychotropic drugs.

This ideology borrows beliefs from Eastern Pantheism, Ancient Animism, and Naturalism. It denies the existence of the transcendent God of the Christians. That being the case, this viewpoint is irrational and rejects reason as a guide to reality.  Ultimate reality is self, wherein they believe that Atman (self) is Brahman (God) and everything is in their control. This is a scary thought as there could them be no standard for morality, ethics or anything as they become the I AM. The universe is both visible and invisible, the visible being known through the five senses and the invisible through the transformation of the mind into another reality. There is no right or wrong in this viewpoint since Atman is Brahman and the individual holds the key to right and wrong.

So then what happens after death for the New Age idealist? There is no real death. As reincarnation is a stronghold for them, they hold to the hope of living in an alternate universe, or at least a different time period.  The New Age Idealist believes that they are in control of their own world, and are able to communicate to other time periods in which they once lived. This eliminates the fear of God and dying since have become their own I AM.